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☆ Scratches

I started studying Scratch. (programming study developed by MIT). It is amazing. It runs on web site, free. Although it is for children, I think ,t it helps the old to be younger. Here some examples. Please enjoy them.


 Click the picture, you are on the Scratch site.


①click Frag

➁Permit Mic

③Just lough lough Wahahahaha...




 Click the picture, you are on the Scratch site.


①click Frag

➁Permit Mic

③Blow out the flames

I think that the price of Omikuji(random fortunes)is usually 100 yen per one. If you set the case to pine (10,000 yen) bamboo (5,000 yen) plum (50 yen), the pine people have a high probability of Daikichi(Great blessing ). . (Parody )


①push key a.b or c.➁space key ③ s④r 


Remix Film by Scratch

This is jusat story on KAISEN-DON in Hokkaido whre they can get fresh fish.

☆ 2020 Tokyo Olympic 

2020 Olympic Game will be held in Tokyo.     The left is official Emblem.  It is simple  traditional pattern,   represents Japanese culture. The below is my piece which is lost  at the competition. Sailing game is open  in Fujisawa Enoshima here. The town is preparing for welcome







          my work ➡



             2020Fujisawa big wave

☆My Exsercises for health


      『Ninja Exercises

2 times a day




Pedmetor iPad 

vertual climinbing up Mt.Fuji 

10000steps a day



ZAZEN      once a month